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One of my favorite things about the fame/infamy of the Burpee exercise is the way it is so often used to raise money for good causes. I’m sure that would make Goog smile too. Whether you want to participate, donate, or just help spread the word, here are some Burpee events that you can get involved in:

October 1 - 31, 2022 - TDX Founders Day of Giving

I’m doing 175 Burpees each week in October along with my nephew, Gunnar Royal Burpee, to raise money for the TDX Educational Foundation and to honor our ancestor, Dr. Royal H. Burpee. Dr. Burpee, my grandfather and Gunnar’s great grandfather, created the burpee exercise and taught that physical fitness strengthens not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Theta Delta Chi shares those same values and encourages its members to continually improve physically, mentally and spiritually.  Our commitment to 175 Burpees per week in October is a way to honor Tau Triton members and Dr. Burpee while helping to fund scholarships, grants, and leadership programming. Your tax-deductible donation of a nickel per Burpee ($35), a dime per Burpee ($70), a quarter per Burpee ($175), or any amount you choose, counts towards TauTriton’s Founders Day of Giving fundraising totals and helps celebrate the fraternity’s 175th anniversary. You can make your donation by clicking the “Make a donation” button.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Milton CrossFit coaches raising money for women’s shelter through burpees | FM101 Milton Now

Two CrossFit coaches in Canada are raising money for Halton Women’s Place, which provides emergency safe shelter and community outreach services to women and children experiencing domestic violence. You can donate via PayPal.




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